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This documentation relates to an older version 4.1 of the Structure Plugin for JIRA. Visit the current documentation home.

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There are a few options that let you adjust how Structure section on the issue page works. Click on the gear button in the section header to bring them up. The changes are saved to the server and applied immediately.

1. Which Structure to Select Initially?

When you have multiple structures, an issue might be present in more than one structure. When issue page is opened, Structure plugin needs to decide which structure to display initially in the Structure section.

This is controlled by a number of parameters:


When auto-switch is turned on, the structure is selected based on which project and structures the issue belongs to. When auto-switch is turned off, the Structure section shows the structure that the user opened last on the Structure Board (the current structure).

Auto-switch: structure with displayed issue

When this auto-switch mode is selected, Structure plugin looks for a structure that contains the issue displayed on the page.

Auto-switch: default structure

When this auto-switch mode is selected, the Default Structure for the issue's project will be always selected (even if the issue is not in that structure yet).

Keep structure when navigating

When you click on another issue within the Structure Widget, the browser takes you to that issue's page. If this option is turned on, the new page displays the same structure as the page you navigated from (auto-switch is not applied).

It's better to leave this option on! It lets you avoid unintentional change of the viewed structure when you go through the structure's issues.

Keep structure when navigating option currently does not work when you hit Back button in your browser – the structure on the issue page you return to will be selected based on the Auto-switch settings.

2. Should Structure Section be Minimized Automatically?

The setting Auto-minimize panel when issue is not in structure controls whether Structure plugin automatically collapses the Structure panel in case the initially selected structure does not contain the displayed issue.

You can always click the section header to open the Structure panel and proceed with adding the issue to the structure, viewing the whole structure or selecting another structure.

3. Options Scope and Default Options

When you adjust Structure Options, the changed settings apply whenever you view any other issue on this JIRA instance. (The settings are saved in your account settings.)

The default values of these options can be configured by JIRA Administrator on the Structure Defaults page.