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This documentation relates to an older version 5.2 of the Structure for Jira. Visit the current documentation home.

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Dark features are additional features or behavior modifications that are usually hidden from the user. However, JIRA administrator can turn them on for their instance.

Alternative initial values for project/type when creating an issue in dialog

Normally, when the user creates new issues through dialog, Structure remembers the selected project and issue type and offers them next time by default. This dark feature enables a different algorithm, which used to work in a previous version of Structure: the initial project and issue type are taken from the issue that was focused when "+Create" or "+Next Issue" was pressed.


System propertystructure.feature.altInitialValuesInDialog
Options to add in / setenv.bat-Dstructure.feature.altInitialValuesInDialog=true
Internal feature namealtInitialValuesInDialog
Introduced in version2.11.0