This article applies to JIRA Client 3.8 and later

JIRA Client version 3.8 introduces a new feature 'Connect with Web Browser'. With this feature you can establish new connection by navigating and authenticating to your JIRA server with the embedded web browser.

When to use

We recommend you to configure a connection by providing JIRA server URL and credentials when possible. Connect with the web browser if only you cannot connect with your credentials.

When the connection is configured with the web browser, JIRA Client can access the JIRA server until the established in the browser session expires.
After that you will need to restore the session by logging into JIRA with web browser again.

Here are some common cases when JIRA Client cannot establish connection with your credentials:

  • Your JIRA is guarded by some Single Sign On (SSO) system.
    In this case you normally authenticate to some not-JIRA server and then gets authenticated in your JIRA.
  • You are logging into JIRA with your Google account.

How to create a new connection

At first you need to open 'New Connection' wizard as usual (main menu: Connection | New JIRA Connection).

On the first page of the wizard press 'Open Browser' button.
You need not to fill in URL and other fields.

A new window with embedded web browser opens.

Navigate to your JIRA server with this browser as you usually do.
To start enter URL into location field at the right in the top panel.
You can navigate Back and Forward with arrow buttons on the left of the location field.

Once you reach a JIRA server the web browser detects it and allows you to create a new connection.

On the screen shot the browser has detected anonymous connection to Atlassian JIRA. This information is shown on the left of the top panel.

To establish an authenticated connection, you need to navigate to JIRA's login page.

If login page has 'Remember me' (or same) check box, we recommend you to check it.

After logging into Google account with the embedded web browser, you may receive an e-mail from Google, that warns you about new sign-in.

When you log into your JIRA, the browser detect the authenticate connection and suggest you to create new JIRA connection.
To do so, please, press the 'Connect' button.

The rest of the connection configuration process is as usual:

  1. JIRA Client tests the connection
  2. Select projects to work with on Select projects page
  3. Complete new connection configuration on Name Your Connection page

Edit Connection Settings

You may need to change connection settings of an existing connection.

To do so select the connection node in Navigation Tree and invoke 'Edit Connection Settings...' action from pop up menu.

The first page of 'Edit JIRA Connection' wizard opens.

You need to 'Open Browser' if:

  • You connection's session has expired, so JIRA Client cannot access the server
    In the case, open the browser and log into you JIRA account.
    Press 'Connect' button in the browser when you are done.
  • You want to change JIRA account of this connection
    In the case, open the browser log out and then log into a different JIRA account.
    Press 'Connect' button in the browser when you are done.

In other cases you need not to open browser. Press 'Continue' button to proceed to 'Select projects' page.

Re-configure connection with web browser

Do not re-configure connection with web browser, until it is really needed.
Keep connection configured with URL and credentials if JIRA Client can access JIRA server and download issues.

When to reconfigure

If you already have a configured connection, and then server access policy changes, such as the connection stops work.
For example, your JIRA server admin installs a Single Sing On (SSO) system, or your JIRA account is migrated to Google account.

How to reconfigure

  1. Open 'Edit JIRA Connection' dialog: select the connection node in Navigation Tree and invoke 'Edit Connection Settings...' action from pop up menu
  2. In the 'Edit JIRA Connection' dialog

    Click on 'Connect with web browser' link.
  3. In the browser navigate and log into JIRA as if your are creating a new connection. You may log into a different JIRA account.
    Then press 'Connect' button.
  4. Complete 'Edit JIRA Connection' wizard as usual.

You need to connect to the same JIRA server at the same address.
'Connect' button will be disabled if you navigate to a different JIRA server.