When you launch JIRA Client for the first time, the Welcome Screen opens.

To start working with issues database you need to establish a connection with JIRA Client.

To do so, please, press 'New JIRA Connection' button on the left to open 'New JIRA Connection' wizard.
Either you can invoke Connection | New JIRA Connection... action from main menu.

Specify URL and Credentials

In most cases you should configure connection by providing JIRA server URL and your credentials - fill in the left part 'Specify URL and Credentials' of the dialog.
If you cannot configure a new connection with URL and credentials, learn how to Connect with Web Browser.

The options of 'Specify URL and Credentials' panel are described below:

URLThis is your JIRA server address.
UsernameProvide your JIRA username (login)
PasswordProvide your JIRA password
Anonymous accessIf you want to establish anonymous connection to your JIRA, check this box and leave Username and Password fields blank.
Advanced...If you need to configure HTTP proxy to access your JIRA server, please, press 'Advanced...' button.

Once you have filled in the fields, press 'Continue' button. It brings you to the 'Test Connection' page.

Test Connection

On this page JIRA Client checks connection parameters. If JIRA server is successfully connected, the wizard automatically passes to the the page.

Select projects

On 'Select Projects' page, please, select projects you are going to work with. Also you can choose 'Work with all projects' option.

We recommend you to choose 'Work only with selected projects' option and limit the number of projects you work with to improve your application performance. Thus, no unnecessary issues are downloaded during quick Synchronization, and full synchronization will also speed up. For more information, please read our tips on that.

Name your connection

'Name your connection' page summarizes connection settings and allows you to change the name of the new connection.

Please, review connection settings and if everything is correct, press 'Finish' button.

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