This article applies to: *Deskzilla 1.x-2.1, JIRA Client 1.x-2.2
For clarity, this article is written about Deskzilla, but it applies to JIRA Client as well.


When there are many issues on the server, you may notice that Deskzilla can download and store more issues in the local database than it can efficiently handle. For example, when there are too many issues in the local database, Deskzilla can consume a lot of memory and CPU.

As of Deskzilla 1.7 and JIRA Client 1.5, the approximate reasonable issues limit stored in the local database is 20,000 issues.

To see how many issues you have in the local database, take a look at the application status bar. tbd:screenshot

This problem has been around for a while, and it will be fully solved in the future versions of the applications.


To solve the problem described above, we recommend you to to either configure connections or download fewer issues, and if it still does not improve the application performance, you can clear your database.

Configuring Connections

You have configured one or more connections to work with the application. Please make sure they are optimally configured.

If you have a lot of projects hosted on the server, you should limit the connection to the projects you're working with. This will make sure no unnecessary issues are downloaded during quick synchronization. It will also speed up full synchronization because less metadata will be downloaded.

For more information, please refer to the following documents:

Downloading Fewer Issues

If there are more issues in a single project than Deskzilla can handle, you shouldn't download all of them in the local database. Create a query that describes the issues that you're working with (for example, "all open issues or all issues assigned to me"), and make it top-level query. Create sub-queries under that query to make sure you won't download unnecessary stuff.

tbd:add links to creating queries, description of query synchronization

Clearing Local Database

If you already have downloaded more issues than it feels comfortable, the only way to remove them from the local database is to completely clear it and download relevant issues once again. Please see How to Clear Local Database.

Removing a connection does not clear issues from the database, although the issue counter will drop. The database in versions 1.x can only grow.