Every structure has the following parameters:

  • Name (required) - Name is used to identify the structure in the drop-down menus, including the Structure menu in the top navigation bar.
  • Description - Used to describe the meaning of the structure to users.
  • Owner - The owner of the structure. Only Jira administrators can change the owner.
  • Permissions - Defines who can view, edit or configure the structure. See Structure Permissions for details.
  • Optional Settings:
    • Require Edit Issue permission on parent issue to rearrange sub-issues - When set, users cannot move sub-issues unless they have permission to edit the parent issue as well. See Structure Permissions for details.
    • Allow manual adjustments of generated content - Enables or disables manual adjustments.
  • Time Limit - Determines the maximum amount of time Automations can run before being paused.
  • Favorite - When selected (the star is filled in), the structure will appear in your Favorite Structures list.

You can specify structure details when Creating New Structures and when Editing Structure Details.