The contents of the Structure clipboard are preserved in the current browser window, which allows you to copy/cut items in one structure and paste them into another.

To copy items (with their sub-items) from one structure to another:

Step 1 - Cut/Copy

First add the desired items to the clipboard:

  1. Open the structure you wish to cut/copy from.
  2. Select the items you want to cut or copy. Either select a single item, or use multiple select.
  3. Click the Cut/Copy button on the structure toolbar (or press Ctrl+x/Ctrl+c or Command+x/Command+c).
  4. The selected items will be added to the clipboard and marked with a small scissors icon for cut or a clipboard icon for copied .

Cut items are not removed from the structure until you paste them into another structure.

When you copy an item that contains sub-items, these sub-items are not automatically copied with their parent. You need to select them explicitly. To copy an item and all its children:

  1. Select a parent item

  2. Press Shift+Arrow Right (this selects an item and all of the sub-issues)

  3. Press the Copy button

When you cut an item, its sub-items are automatically cut and copied to the clipboard.

Step 2 - Paste

After you have cut/copied the items, you can now paste them into any other structure:

  1. In the same browser window, switch to a desired structure (you can use Structure Board or any other Jira page with Structure).
  2. In the structure grid, select the item after which the items from the clipboard should be placed.
  3. Click the Paste button on the toolbar (or press Ctrl+v or Command+v) to place the items at the same indentation level. To place the items under the selected item (as its children), press Ctrl+Shift+v (Command+Shift+v on Mac).

If any of the items you are pasting are already in the new structure, those existing items will not be affected. New copies of the items will be created as you paste.

The Paste operation can be undone.

If you need to copy the same set of issues to several different structures, you can open the Issue Clipboard in the secondary panel and use drag-and-drop to move the issues, instead of Paste. In this case, the issues will not be removed from the clipboard.