The following article is for structures built in Power mode.

Presets are a way to quickly accomplish common tasks using one of our powerful templates:

Step 1

Starting with a brand new, blank structure (see Creating Your First Structure), open the Add menu and select Preset.

Select Preset in the Add menu

This will display the Presets options. Select the Preset you want to use based on the type of hierarchy you wish to create (see above).

Select a preset

Step 2

In the Preset settings, you can select the boards/projects you want to add issues from, the types of issues to include, how you want them grouped, etc. 

Agile Hierarchy Preset settings dialogue

Step 3

Click Apply, and that's it!

The preset automatically adds your issues and organizes them into the appropriate hierarchy. 

Structure built using the Agile Hierarchy preset

To learn more about how this preset works and ways you can customize your results, see Presets.

Next Steps

Next, we'll explore how to create powerful, dynamic structures using Generators.

Building a Structure with Generators