The Status Overview preset allows you to visualize any project (or multiple projects) organized by issue status.

Structure built with a Status Overview preset

The Status Overview preset works for both Company-managed and Team-managed projects, and it allows you to combine both types of projects into a single structure.

Build a New Structure Using the Status Overview Preset

To build a new structure using the Status Overview preset, open the Add menu, select Preset, and choose Status Overview.

Add Status Overview preset

You can select which projects, issue types, and statuses to include in your hierarchy.

Configuring the Status Overview preset

Runs As

When a generator runs, it runs as the structure owner. This is important because the generator will have access to the same projects, issues, etc. as the user listed here – if they don’t have permission to view an issue, it won’t be added to the structure.


Select which projects you want to include.

Issue Types

Select the types of issues to add to the structure. The hierarchy will be constructed with these issues beneath their respective statuses.

Include Statuses

Select which statuses should be included in the hierarchy. Only issues in these statues will be added to the structure.

Synchronize issue order with Jira 

If selected, issues will be sorted based on their Jira rank, and moving issues in the structure will update their rank.

This option adds a Rank Sort generator with the "Moving items in the structure will update ranks" option selected.

Place the generator on

Select where the generators should be placed within the structure hierarchy. This will determine the location of your Status Overview hierarchy.

You have three options:

  • Current level - The generators will be placed on the currently-selected level.
  • Level below - The generators will be placed on the level below the currently-selected item.
  • Top level - The generators will be placed at the top of the structure.

Once you click Create, Structure will add a series of generators to:

Adding the Status Overview Preset to an Existing Structure

The Status Overview preset can also be added to existing structures. In this case, in addition to creating the selected hierarchy for the selected projects, it will also group existing issues by status, provided they are in its scope (see Generator Scope for details).