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  • Why Structure?

This documentation relates to an older version 2.4 of the Structure Plugin for JIRA. View the current documentation home.

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Organize issues in a way that works for you and your team!


What's It About

Structure - Enterprise Issue Organizer - is an advanced tool for project & portfolio management.

It’s a plugin that adds to JIRA a new, rich user interface to help you efficiently manage lots of issues and arrange them into unlimited hierarchies, that is, tree structures of any depth.

What's the Benefit

  • Create a true multilevel issue hierarchy across multiple projects. With Structure, you are allowed to build limitless hierarchical lists, and include issues of any type at any level of the hierarchy.
  • Create and edit issues right in the structure grid.
  • Break down work in smaller batches on the fly to let you streamline your thoughts and control the task progress. You can easily track time spent on individual issues, estimate aggregate progress for an issue and its sub-issues, and synchronize hierarchies with issue links, epics and other JIRA data.
  • The very neat and handy Structure widget speeds up working with a list of issues even if you don't need the structure. In addition to the main Structure Board, the Structure widget is displayed in a separate section on every issue added to the structure and gives you a quick glance at the context where your issue stands with respect to the rest of the project.
  • On the other hand, Structure helps developers and product teams clearly understand what's going on in their JIRA by creating a "big picture" across multiple projects and being able to see each project as a collection of related and prioritized work items, organized into larger themes and more strategic plans and initiatives. 
    Also, Structure lets you use JIRA as a mind-mapping tool, or as a todo list.
  • If used at the extreme, Structure allows you to create issue hierarchies that can replace project versions, or components, or other categorization tools.
  • Structure enables two-way synchronization with GreenHopper, Links and other sources of issue relationships.
  • Leverage the automatic resolution feature to handle issues that have all sub-issues already resolved.
  • Structure's API gives you full access to integrate it with other software products and plugins.
  • Use the flexible export functionality for reporting and exporting to Excel.
  • Collaboration features let your team work on the same list of issues remotely.
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