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This section provides a list of the most common use cases and points you to the problems you can solve using JIRA Client.

Work with Issues Base on Your Computer

Using a web application such as JIRA implies that you need to have constant Internet connection. But if you are offline or have a slow VPN connection, it is not possible to work with it. JIRA Client is a desktop application, and it does not matter whether you are offline or online: once you have synchronized with JIRA server, you have permanent access to issues and can work without interruption:

  • create new issues and modify existing ones,
  • search the issues database,
  • track the time you spend on issues and do much more.

When you get online, all your changes will be synchronized: newly created or modified issues are uploaded to the server and all changes made on JIRA server will appear in JIRA Client respectively.

Search Issues

JIRA Client lets you create queries of any level of complexity and brings the results almost instantly compared to a web browser in which you have to surf through multiple pages to fetch the desired information.
In JIRA Client you can:

  • use any variation of search conditions using ANDs, ORs, and NOTs,
  • refine search your search results using sub-queries,
  • use quick text search within the query results,
  • search for some issues' properties, for example, votes cast for issues, not searchable in JIRA,
  • search issues table using regular expressions.

User Interface

In JIRA Client you constantly get a clear centralized overview of project's bugs, improvements, and tasks and their state.
You can perform such desktop-specific operations as drag-and-drop issues to create links between them and put issues into Favorites to process later.
With a screenshot tool you can capture and edit screenshots and attach them to your issues.

Time Management with Time Tracking Widget

JIRA Client tracks the time spent on a task and can automatically detect your inactivity periods. Later you can edit time records and publish them as JIRA work logs.

Agile Approach

You can manage backlog by reordering tasks.