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This documentation relates to an older version 1.4 of the Structure Plugin for JIRA. View the current documentation home.

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Structure 101

Installing Structure

  1. Install the Plugin
    1. JIRA 4.3 or later? Go to Administration | Plugins | Install, search for Structure and click Install.
    2. Older JIRA Download from Plugin Exchange (make sure to pick up the correct version for your JIRA!)
  2. Get Evaluation License
    1. Check if you need a license by going to Administration | Structure | License Details.
    2. If needed, click Get Evaluation License and install the received license.
    3. See Setting Up Structure License for details.
  3. Configure Enabled Projects
    1. Open Administration | Structure | Enabled Projects and select at least one project.
    2. See Selecting Structure-Enabled Projects for details.

Getting Started

  1. Open Structure | Manage Structure menu and click Create Structure. Create your own private structure to play with.
  2. On the Manage Structure page, click on your structure name to go to the Structure Board.
  3. On the Structure Board, click Search, then click JQL and type assignee=currentUser() order by updated. You can use any other query - see more about Searching and Filtering.
  4. When some issues are found by the search, click "More Issues in JIRA" button if it's not switched on, and then drag-and-drop several found issues into the Structure.
  5. When you have several issues added to the structure, try to rearrange them to create a hierarchy. Hold Shift and drag issues up and down or left and right to place them at a different position in the hierarchy. You can also drag by the drag handle at the left side. See Using Drag-And-Drop to learn more.
  6. Use keyboard arrows to navigate structure or Ctrl+Arrow to move issues up/down or indent/unindent.
  7. Use Structure Toolbar for other actions like Copy/Paste.
  8. Click on an issue's summary or hit "o" to open issue page - there's structure on that page too.