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  • Structure 1.0 Release Notes

This documentation relates to an older version 2.4 of the Structure Plugin for JIRA. View the current documentation home.

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13 July, 2011

Structure 1.0 release is the first stable release of the Structure Plugin, bringing production-quality hierarchical lists of issues to Atlassian JIRA.

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Structure on Plugin Exchange

1. Product Highlights

  • Multiple, shareable hierarchical lists
  • Hierarchy of any depth (independently from subtasks and subtask hierarchy)
  • Hierarchy can span multiple projects and not limited to specific issue types
  • Time tracking aggregation on the issue page
  • Real-time collaboration with live data updates
  • Synchronization with GreenHopper, Issue Links, Sub-tasks and Saved Filters
  • Powerful user interface with keyboard shortcuts

2. Changes from Structure 1.0-rc1

We have kept changes to a minimum to keep this release stable, adding only bugfixes and high-priority or low-impact improvements.

2.1 Documentation

A full set of documentation has been created and now available at

2.2 Improvements

  • GreenHopper synchronizer allows to select non-global Rank and Epic/Theme fields (enabled for the selected project.)
  • Progress column now shows numerical % value in the tooltip if you keep the mouse pointer over it.
  • Description column is added to the list of available columns, which lets you print description from the Structure's printable page.
  • Bundled synchronizers (GreenHopper and Links) now write synchronization undo files to offset the risk of massive unintended changes due to incorrect synchronizer configuration. The undo files may be processed by a script to reverse the changes to issue data.

2.3 Notable Bugs Fixed

  • Server exception when many projects are enabled for Structure in the administration interface
  • Missing expand/collapse icons in the Internet Explorer 7
  • GreenHopper Synchronizer with "Force Sub-tasks" mode allows placing sub-tasks at incorrect positions in the structure
  • Text search does not find fully spelled words when indexing language is other than "other"

3. Supported JIRA Versions

Structure 1.0 is supported on JIRA versions 4.1 – 4.3.x. There are separate versions of the plugin for JIRA 4.3.x, 4.2.x and 4.1.x.

A version with preliminary support for JIRA 4.4 Release Candidate is available upon request.

Support for JIRA 4.1 will be dropped in the first Structure release that follows the release of JIRA 4.4.

4. Installation and Upgrade

The plugin may be installed from the Plugin Exchange or from the Administration | Plugins menu if you have JIRA 4.3 or Universal Plugin Manager. Further information is available in the Administrator's Guide.

Upgrading from version 1.0-rc1 boils down to replacing the plugin JAR, either with "Upgrade" button in the Plugins administration section, or manually. All data and configuration is preserved. However, it's always a good idea to backup your Structure data or do a full JIRA backup.

Upgrading from earlier versions should also run smoothly, but it will likely involve data migration, so backup is strongly advised.

5. Detailed Change List

The list of issues resolved with this release is available in our JIRA.