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This documentation relates to an older version 4.1 of the Structure Plugin for JIRA. Visit the current documentation home.

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For each issue field in your JIRA, Structure offers a column that displays that field's value.

Displaying Aggregate Values

For numeric and time-tracking fields, Structure also offers to display an aggregated value, calculated as a sum of the field values over sub-issues.

  • To display an aggregated value, use the column configuration panel and select Sum over sub-issues. If there's no such option for a given field, then the aggregate cannot be calculated.
  • Alternatively, you can add a predefined column from the Totals sub-section in the Add Column drop-down menu.

When aggregate value is displayed for an issue that also has an own value in the field, own value is displayed next to the aggregate value in grey color.

Since each issue can be present multiple times in the structure, you can select if you want to count every instance of this issue in the totals or count it just once.

Note that values of the totals may change depending on the selected structure.

Editing Values

Most field columns are editable – you can edit field value by double-clicking it (if the field is added to the Edit Screen in JIRA). When aggregate value is displayed, you can still edit the issue's own value.