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This documentation relates to an older version 4.1 of the Structure Plugin for JIRA. Visit the current documentation home.

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The structure toolbar provides access to the main functions of the structure widget.

As you move mouse pointer over the buttons in the toolbar, the active buttons are highlighted. In some situations some buttons may be disabled and they will remain light grey. For example, Paste action is not possible unless you have some issues in your clipboard, so the button will remain light grey and not clickable in that case.

Hold the mouse pointer over the toolbar button for a few moments and a tooltip with the description of the action is shown.

Below is the table describing the set of actions available through the toolbar.



More Information

Keyboard Shortcut

Create a new item and add it under the item currently selected in the structure. By default, you can add either new issues or new folders (Confluence pages are available if you have Structure.Pages installed). You can also click the drop-down menu next to the button itself to open the secondary panel, where you can search for existing issues.

Creating new items


Expand/collapse the whole hierarchy. Expand to a certain level using the drop-down menu.

Navigating Structure

++ / --

Without changing the items's parent, move the item up/down and place it before/after the previous child - if possible.

Moving Issues Within Structure

Ctrl+Up / Ctrl+Down


Unindent / Indent the item one level, if possible.

Moving Issues Within Structure

Ctrl+Left / Ctrl+Right

Edit the currently selected issue / stop editing and save changes.

Editing Issues



Cut the selected items to the clipboard.

Issue Clipboard

Ctrl+x or Command+x

Save the selected items to the clipboard to copy them later to another place in the structure.Issue ClipboardCtrl+c or Command+c

Paste the items from the clipboard into the structure.

Issue Clipboard

Ctrl+v or Command+v

Remove the currently selected issues from the structure.

Removing Issues 


Switch on/off Automation editing mode.Automation~
Create a perspective link to share the current view.Perspective 

Open a printable page with the structure or export structure to Excel.


Exporting to Excel


Open the secondary panel and it's options.Secondary Panel