JIRA Client lets you create new issues and edit them both when you are online or offline - issues database is always available on your computer and is synchronized as soon as you have Internet connection.

To create a new issue:

  1. Click the Create New Issue button on the toolbar.
    The New Issue window opens.
  2. Fill in the necessary fields and click Save & Upload button to upload your issue to the server immediately or Save Draft to save issue locally in the Outbox folder to upload it manually later (see section below for instructions). If you are offline and click Save & Upload, your issue will not be uploaded until you get online.

Please note that to create a new issue you need to be authenticated on remote JIRA server. You can do it when creating connection.

If you selected to defer your changes upload when creating a new issue, you need to upload your changes to the server later to keep the local database synchronized and make your activities visible to other users.
To upload an issue:

  1. Select an issue to upload in the Outbox folder.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Select Edit | Upload menu item.
    • Right-click an issue and select Upload command.
    • Click the Upload button on issue toolbar.

You can open and edit issues already uploaded to server or stored in Outbox folder.
To edit an issue:

  1. Navigate to the desired issue in the Navigation Area.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Select Edit | Edit Issue.
    • Click the Edit button on issue toolbar.
    • Press F4 (Command + O).
  3. Edit the desired fields in the Edit Issue window which opens.

Besides editing major issues' properties, you can comment on them, select to watch for their changes, vote for issues and so on. For details, please refer to working with issues section.

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