Tempo's Strategic Portfolio Management solution is a modular approach to help organizations focus their priorities, people, and spend across their portfolio of products and services.

  1. Build your portfolio roadmap in Roadmunk.

  2. Manage your work in Structure:

    • Link your roadmap plans to existing work or create new work.

    • Assign the work to teams.

    • Manage timelines, dependencies, and resource allocations in Structure.Gantt.

  3. Track work in Structure or Jira. As teams work, their progress is automatically updated in Structure.

  4. Update the original roadmap with up-to-date execution data, allowing leadership to make decisions based on real-time information.

  5. Monitor the financial health of your portfolio using Cost Tracker and Structure.

  6. Manage resources and resource allocation with Planner and Structure.Gantt.

  7. Build custom reports to monitor your portfolio with Custom Charts for Jira.

The following products are part of Tempo's Strategic Portfolio Management solution. Pick the ones that are right for your teams, or try them all - you can download free trials using the links below.

Strategic Portfolio Management with Tempo Apps