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This documentation relates to an older version 1.2 of the Structure.Gantt. Visit the current documentation home.

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Structure.Gantt is a highly flexible app. It uses Structure and Jira data to build the chart and it lets you configure most of the parameters that define the chart behavior.

You can do that through Gantt configurations - the chart properties you define can be stored, shared and reused for other charts.

The Default configuration is created the first time you run Structure.Gantt, so you can start working on your first plan straight away and review or tweak the default configuration or create your own later. Still, we recommend to go through the available options to understand how the Gantt chart works and make sure the configuration works best for your needs.

Changing Gantt Configuration

Once you are already working with your chart, you can open the configuration settings by click the Settings button in the chart toolbar, 

You'll see the Gantt chart settings. In the Gantt Configuration settings section you can quickly switch to another existing configuration by selecting it in the Configuration drop-down menu and clicking Save Settings. If you want to edit a configuration or create a new one, click Manage next to the Configuration menu and you will see the list of available configurations.

To edit one of the existing configurations, click the Edit link next to it. To create a new one, click the Create New Configuration button.

In the list of configurations you will see the configurations you have created yourself and shared configurations. You can edit your own configurations. Shared configurations can be reviewed, and selected to be used in your Gantt chart, but you cannot edit them. Only the owner of the configuration has permissions to edit them. Please refer to the Permissions section for more details.

To be able to create new configurations, you need to have permissions to create structures.

Gantt configuration has several important groups of properties. You can define all of them as you go through the Configuration dialog tabs:

Once you are happy with your configuration, click the Save button to save your configuration and select it in the Gantt Chart Settings to use it in your Gantt chart.

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